How to choose a shaving brush that suits you?

There are hundreds of types of brushes on the market, the cheapest one is 30, and the price ranges from two to three thousand or even higher. The same is the brush, what is the difference? Is it necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a brush for that short 1 minute every day? Or can one buy a few dozen yuan cheaper to have the same effect?

There is a lot of knowledge about shaving brushes, let’s explore it together today, let’s use our own experiments to talk about it!

In the wet shaving process, the main role of the brush is to foam, foam, and apply on the face. These two steps are also part of the enjoyment during the shaving process.

The brush can help you create a rich and dense foam from shaving cream or soap to completely cover your beard.

The brush helps to soften the beard and moisturize the skin, avoiding the razor irritation and damage to the skin when the skin is not moisturized. The fineness of the brush can effectively penetrate into every pore, clean dirt, and bring you a refreshing feeling. The good or bad of a shaving brush can bring you different feelings between heaven and earth.

At present, the brushes on the market are mainly divided into three categories: fiber synthetic hair, boar bristles, badger hair

Fiber synthetic hair:


Artificial synthetic hair, suitable for some men who are allergic to animal hair or animal protectors.
fiber synthetic hair is divided into good and bad. The poor fiber synthetic hair is relatively hard and has no water absorption capacity at all. Although you are struggling to stir in the bowl, it is difficult to make foam. The upper face feels like brushing on the face with a broom, and you can also feel the pain of being poked.

■ The coat color is dyed with anti-badger hair, and the hair is relatively hard.
■ Advantages: cheap! There is no advantage except being cheap.
■ Disadvantages: It is difficult to foam, and it is really painful than the heart hurts.

What is the better fiber synthetic hair?

With the advancement of modern technology, fiber synthetic hair has gradually begun to have the same softness as badger hair, and the color of the hair has also been dyed to be similar to that of badger hair, and the water absorption capacity has also improved. But blistering still requires a little patience, except for the shortcoming of water absorption. Because it is as soft as badger hair, the upper face feels more comfortable, without the feeling of piercing. If you are really allergic to animal hair and love animal protection, you can choose a good fiber synthetic hair to feel it.
Whether it is good fiber synthetic hair or poor fiber synthetic hair, there is a common problem, that is, there will be short hair and hair loss. Generally, it is recommended to replace one in about a year.

■ The coat color is dyed with anti-badger hair, and the hair is soft.
■ Advantages: high softness.
■ Disadvantages: weak water absorption, long foaming time and hair loss.

Boar bristles:


The shaving brush made of boar bristles is more suitable for men who are just starting to play wet shaving. The hair is slightly harder than fiber and badger hair, which can clean the skin well. The water-locking ability of natural animals makes it easy to foam.
In addition to the small flaws that are not gentle enough, sometimes there will be painful sensation of sticking to the face. After a long time of use, the hair will gradually deform and split.

■ The hair color is pure beige, and the hair is a bit hard.
■ Advantages: Animal hair has natural water-locking ability and foams easily.
■ Disadvantages: it is not soft enough, the hair will be deformed, and the hair may fall.

Badger hair:


It is mainly made of hair from different parts of the animal “badger”. This animal is only found in Northeast China and the European Alps in the world. Because it is rare and precious, it is the most advanced enjoyment that no one can imitate in the brush.
Badger hair is very water-absorbing and water-locking in animal hair, which is very suitable for shaving brushes. Just a little bit of water can make a very rich and delicate foam. The softness is also a new level that can not be reached compared to the boar bristles and fiber synthetic hairs. It brings a feeling that you don’t want to change other brushes after you use it.
Of course, badger hair is also graded, and different parts of the hair have different levels of feeling.

■ The natural color of badger hair is very soft.
■ Advantages: Super water-locking ability, rich and delicate foam, soft hair, comfortable on the face.
■ Disadvantages: high price.

Pure badger hair:

Most of the badger’s neck, shoulders, arms are used, and the cut inner hair is slightly harder than other grades of badger hair. It is more suitable for players who just want to get in touch with badger hair. This level of shaving brush is also more cost-effective.

Best badger hair:

It is made of 20-30% softer hairs on different parts of the badger, which will be more soft and comfortable than pure hair. It is suitable for players who want to upgrade to another level after touching the badger hair brush.

Super Badger Hair:
Super badgers are badger hairs that are more expensive than “best” or “pure”. It is made of 40-50% of the hair on the back of the badger. The high-quality top is slightly off-white. It is usually the bleached ends of high-quality “pure” hair.

Silvertip badger hair:
Top badger hair is the highest quality badger hair. It is made of 100% hair on the back. This part of the hair is also extremely rare, so the price is relatively more noble. The top of the hair is a natural silvery white color, the hair is very soft when used, but it does not lose its elasticity. In Europe, more nobles and wealthy merchants will choose the top brushes to highlight their identity.

Different brush choices will bring you a different shaving experience. Whether it is suffering or luxury, it depends on your choice.

Post time: Aug-03-2021