Why do men use shaving brushes when they enjoy shaving time?

When I was young, I would follow the adults to the traditional state-run barbershops, because I hadn’t even started to grow a beard at that time, and I didn’t even have any fluff, so I still have a deep memory of the process of shaving an adult lying down.

The steps are roughly like this, first take a hot towel and wrap the lips to soften the beard. At the same time, the hairdresser keeps rotating the small brush in a small bowl, and a lot of foam will come out in a while, then take the towel and apply it on the chin, lips and face. After the application, the barber took out the shiny straight razor and rubbed it on a cloth on the wall several times without hurriedly before starting to hit the foamy face, intermittently. I will also chat with customers or people next to me.

The whole process seems to be so careful and careless. Whether young or old, the shaver is so skillful and easy to come by, like a slick face. After the face is shaved, the customer’s face seems to be white and tender, full of radiance. Every customer who has just shaved will feel satisfied in the mirror and touch his chin, full of confidence, as if he is the rebirth of Pan An, with extraordinary charm.

This is a real enjoyment, I always thought about it when I was young.

When I grow up, all kinds of electric and disposable shaving products have become popular, trendy hair salons are everywhere, and these old-fashioned barber shops are also declining, and you can only rely on yourself to enjoy shaving.

shaving brush set

Why use shaving brush:

The modern rhythm is much faster than before. Shaving every morning, how to find a balance between efficiency and comfort? A high-quality shaving brush and high-quality shaving soap are essential for men to enjoy themselves. s things.

1. Create enough rich and dense foam to completely cover the beard.

2. Clean the deep grease and dirt of the beard.

3. Soften the beard, make the skin more moist, and avoid the razor irritation and damage to the skin when the skin is not moisturized.

4. Gentle exfoliation.

5. Slow down the rhythm, which is also the most important reason. It allows time for the beard to soften further, making it easier to shave, so that you can enjoy the process.

In fact, if you want to save trouble and simply, you don’t need a shaving brush, as long as you don’t use shaving soap. Generally, only a little bit of high-quality shaving cream is needed. Use your fingers to apply it on your face and massage it for half a minute to one minute. It can also produce a small amount of dense foam. The premise is that the beard is not very dense, very strong, and not too long. It’s just that it can’t achieve the effect of exfoliating and slowing down the rhythm, and it is not too comfortable. The soft, foamy brush is very refreshing.

Post time: Aug-04-2021