Professional wet and dry foundation blending three-face makeup sponge

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● LUXURY: Made from Superior, Super Soft, Non-Latex Foam. This provides greater bounce to give you that flawless airbrushed look. It also makes it easier and faster to apply makeup. Completely vegan and cruelty free.
● PRECISION & FLEXIBILITY: The rounded end is great for blending large areas, while the tip provides maximum precision making them excellent multi-purpose makeup sponges. These sponges get much bigger and softer when wet. They can be used with a wide variety of makeup products to include foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer, isolation, liquid, etc
● LESS WASTE: Because of the softness and smoothness of our sponges they do not excessively soak up makeup. This means less of your product is wasted. The also do not irritate the skin like firmer sponges or brushes. Your skin will love you for this.
● EASY TO CLEAN: All you need is soap and warm water.
Dongshen is dedicated to creating the highest quality premium luxury makeup products at affordable prices.

how to use:
Dry use: wet use for the application of milky or creamy products, foundations, BB creams, lotions, concealers. Use a paper towel to squeeze out the excess water until no water drips. Mix gently to reduce unnecessary waste.
Wet use: Slightly moisten the sponge, and then apply a small amount of baby shampoo on the contaminated area (professional detergent or soap can also be used). Gently massage and press the sponge to form bubbles. Keep rinsing and squeeze quickly until there are no stains and foam. Use a clean towel or paper towel to gently remove excess water, and finally air dry.

How to clean:
1.Using warm water wet the sponge and apply a small amount of soap onto the stained areas.
2.Gently massage and press the sponge to form bubbles.
3.Keep rinsing and squeeze rapidly until no more visible stains & suds.
4.Gently remove excess moisture with a clean towel or paper towel & let it air-dry.


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